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In this historical novel, a young widow, an enigmatic injured man, a kidnapped woman and a smart-alecky butler come together in a moving adventure full of intrigue, suspense and of course romance. 

While Graydon struggles to heal and regain his memory sufficiently to rescue his kidnapped niece, Kathryn wonders whether she can possibly risk trusting again and taking a second chance at love. Laugh and love along with the characters of A Second Chance and watch as they learn that vulnerability can be strength and the most perplexing problems can be overcome with the support and resourcefulness of faithful friends.

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The secrets of a murdered man put the lives of hundreds in peril. Samantha and Christian must decode the cryptic clues, while keeping one step ahead of an unknown evil who will stop at nothing to obtain the list Samantha's father gave his very life to protect.


Join Samantha Prichard, a feisty Irish beauty with a unique but sometimes frightening gift, and Christian Bradford, a courageous and deadly operative for the Crown, as they race against time, fighting danger and their growing attraction towards each other.


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When newspaper heiress Sophia Blake Worthington’s brother, Stephan, goes missing while trying to gather information on a rash of local abductions, Blake is forced to do the unthinkable, search for Stephan herself.

Robert Farrell, seventh Earl of Wingate’s search for the men responsible for killing Nathaniel Prichard, his new sister-in-law’s father, leads him into uncharted waters. When all his leads end up dead, he is literally left floundering at sea until he elects to aid a cabin boy in desperate need of his help.

Climb aboard as award winning author Christina Paul takes you on a journey from England to Constantinople in this third installment in The Bradford Series.

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Madison is a financial client services manager from a small town in New Jersey, and a single mom. Raleigh is the new CEO of an engineering firm in Connecticut, and one of Madison’s biggest clients. 

Their budding long distance relationship is put to the test, when Madison begins receiving threats from a disgruntled former employee and Raleigh uncovers a web of corporate fraud effecting businesses up and down the East coast, including his own. Now their already complicated lives are being invaded by body guards, local police and the FBI.

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Kieren, an author and illustrator of children's books, was raised by her grandfather, Paddy, after her parent's death. While she was growing up, her grandfather told her stories of a magical fairy world ruled by the beautiful and benevolent queen.


The stipulation of Paddy's Last Will and Testament was for Kieren to spend one year in his home in northern Ireland, and then she would inherit everything. Shortly after her arrival, strange things begin to happen and Kieren begins to wonder if Paddy's stories were more than mere bedtime tales.

Where can you find all the suspense, chills, ghosts, mediums, spirits, romance, and even humor that your heart desires? Where does reality end and imagination overtake us? Where do the kinder, gentler things disappear? Within the tightly crafted stories gathered for your enjoyment by Annie Acorn into Annie Acorn’s 2015 Spirited Tales! 

With their skillfully woven tales, members of From Women’s Pens and From Gents’ Pens have joined forces and forged a unique collection of stories that are sure to please those who enjoy a tingle running up and down their spines, as they face head-on those figments of their imaginations who no longer linger beneath their beds. 


The Halloween Clock 

by Annie Acorn
Save My Soul

by Peggy Teel

by Christina Paul
The Horses of Paiute Canyon 

by D. A. Grady

by Denise Hays
Parisian Ghosts

by Charlotte Kent
Thirteenth Door on the Left 

by Angel Nichols
The Blind Seer

by Susan Jean Ricci
Just An Old Wives’ Tale

by Peggy Teel
Time Will Tell

by Annie Acorn

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The night is clear, the moon is bright, a low fog swirls along the moor

She appears, the woman in white, a mere echo of the infamous paramour

She begins to stroll, to sing her song, a siren to an unsuspecting man

For ‘tis her fate, a curse imparted, to forever wander this land

Now in death, as in life, she’s forced to lure them still

They are drawn to her, the wretched souls, bound by their own free will

A kiss of death, she will bestow, upon their unsuspecting lips

When they awake, remembering the dream, they will already be in death’s grip

~ Scottish Lore

Short Story available on Amazon Kindle for $0.99

Our Trip to Europe

From April 27th (my husband Paulie’s Birthday) through May 8th, 2016, thanks to my mother, I was able to go on a trip of a lifetime. Come along as we explored the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria & Germany. Follow along through ten days of blog posts chronicling our adventures and a few misadventures.

This book is available on in both color (22.99) and black & white (11.99).

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