Christina Paul 

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Dear Readers,

I realize this portion of the website needs work, but I hate talking about myself;  and after 3 kids and hitting that 50 milestone, I'm not all to keen on having pictures taken either, but for the sake of my characters, I will step out of my comfort zone.

Here is a paraphrased version of what appears on my books: I am married to my childhood sweetheart, and live with him and our three children in New Jersey. I love escaping into the written world of my characters and enjoy watching the stories unfold as I write, letting it surprise me as it does my readers. I am currently working on the next installment in the Bradford series as well as several unrelated stories.

When I was writing my first book, I had a group of a dozen who, every Monday, would have their hands outstretched expecting me to place a minimum of two chapters into their grasp. They would read, edit and then demand to know what happened next, and every week I would tell them the exact same thing,"I haven't a clue".  They could not understand how I had no idea where my story was going, but it's the truth. The scenes, scenarios and dialog just kinda come to me sort of like a day dream (quite an embarrassing situation during the love scenes, let me tell you). 

I let my characters lead me where they want. It is, after all, their story, I’m just the one telling it, but at times that has made writing rather difficult, because I have no knowledge of what they are doing or where they are taking me. I realize that doesn’t make much sense, so let me try to explain. In Taking Chances, because of the main character’s profession, they would have had to be involved with the Battle of Trafalgar, Lord Nelson, French & Spanish fleets, etc.. Needless to say, before my characters brought me into this 200 year old battle, I knew nothing (and I mean NOTHING) about any of it. In Simply By Chance, the main character finds himself on a white slave trading ship on its way to Constantinople, again…no clue.

So, as opposed to the modern day romances I write, an inordinate amount of research is involved in the historical romances, and since I do not have a staff or team of researchers, I have to do all the research myself. While I am researching, unfortunately, my writing is on hold. If I had the brain of a normal writer, I would have an outline of my project, do all the research in advance and then be able to sit down and write all in one clip. Instead my books happen in fits and starts, but I’m not complaining, it’s just the way things go. That is also the main reason Simply By Chance probably won’t be finished before the end of the year.

Hopefully this gave you a little better insight to who I am than the little blurb I previously had in this section. I am sure as I get more comfortable with this whole “promoting one’s self” aspect of authorhood, I will share more. In the meantime, please write to me, send me an email, shoot me a Tweet, make a comment on my FaceBook page, tell me what you love/hate, about my stories. I love hearing from readers, and I try to reply to as many as physically possible.